The law firm Schenkel & Serrago AG provides the personal and qualified consultation and representation in the field of family law – our divorce lawyers accompany you especially in regard to the regulation of legal relationships and point out comprehensive and individual approaches to solutions.

Family law is often difficult to understand for outsiders due to its complexity. It not only deals with divorce procedures, but also with numerous other sub-disciplines. These disciplines are:

  • Child support settlement
  • Spousal support settlement
  • Inflation adjustment for maintenance claims
  • Visitation right
  • Allocation of parental custody
  • Drafting matrimonial contracts
  • Settlements resulting from existing marriage contracts
  • Legal property disputes
  • Matrimonial property law disputes

By the way, it is irrelevant whether the divorce was amicable or contentious – our experts at Schenkel & Serrago AG will ensure a satisfactory processing and consultation for all issues that arise even in case of an amicable divorce.

The settlement of child custody and visitation rights is also pertinent in case any children have resulted from the marriage. Especially this aspect requires a delicate approach in regard to all involved parties – a trusting relationship between the client and our lawyers is also a matter of course for us.

Do not hesitate to involve us from the very beginning if you are considering divorce. It is the only way for us to take all necessary measures from the first application to the complete processing of judicial disputes in order to get you all the financial benefits and strive for extrajudicial solutions that are satisfactory for all sides.

Call us and leave your contact data – our specialist lawyers will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.