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We are a law firm based in Lucerne Switzerland. We specialized in divorce law with an international context.

We specialise in large and complex divorce cases including those involving private companies, property empires, trusts, international/hidden assets and investments.


Schenkel & Serrago AG represents clients who are part of wealthy families. We act equally for those seeking to protect their assets and those fighting for their fair share.


You may be initiating divorce, responding to a divorce petition, seeking better lawyers for an ongoing case, or considering reopening an old case. Whatever the circumstances having a top divorce lawyer on your side can make an enormous difference to your chances of success.


We do know that whether in regard to divorce, child support or questions relating to custody rights – the end of a marriage constitutes a difficult situation for all involved parties.

However, divorce is not even that unlikely, since: Statistically speaking, divorce rates are on the rise from year to year. Switzerland has one of the highest divorce rates in Europe with 52%. Legal questions always become relevant when the life paths of spouses diverge – all the more important for those affected to have reliable experts at their side in this intimate situation, experts with the necessary experience who can competently take care of all juristic problems.

prenuptial agreement Package

from 3'000.- CHF*


Prenuptial agreements are part of a broader defined estate planning concept. A prenuptial agreement is an agreement between the spouses, in which it is agreed how possession of property is organised within the marriage, or how it is divided between the spouses in case of a divorce. If you do not sign a prenuptial agreement, you and your spouse will (in most countries) be married in community of property, which means that you and your spouse own everything jointly.

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*rates may vary since the actual agreement has to be notarized by a public notary. The fees vary from canton to canton and the fee depends on your assets.